The Punisher minimalist wallet

The Punisher minimalist wallet

Hand made single pocket minimalist Punisher wallet. 
Made from Veg-tan leather.
Length 3.5"
Width: 2 3/4th "

100% Waxed Polyester Tiger thread is used to ensure strength and quality of the design.

 This wallet is hand stitched using a Saddle Stitch which creates seam that is extremely durable, much more so than a machine stitch.  Sewing machines often utilize a lock stitch, which creates stress on the thread at the point where the two threads interlock. Saddle stitching, on the other hand, creates a double row of stitches without creating stress on the thread. Furthermore, even if the thread breaks in a saddle stitch, the stitch will hold nevertheless. Hence, leather items that are sewn with a saddle stitch are usually of a better quality and will generally last longer and hold up better than a machine-sewn item.

---------- GENERAL NOTES ------------
- Each of my products are uniquely handcrafted.
- Cowhide are widely used in my products. Kindly be aware that marks and random scars are naturally parts of original leather. 
- Color of product may vary slightly compared to actual products upon receipt as cowhide is totally dyed by hand. 

Should you have further questions, additional requests for your orders, please do not hesitate to reach me by leaving a comment at “Note to Seller”. I will quickly respond to you within 12 hours. 

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